Thursday, 28 April 2011

COM.unity centre proves a success in Mosborough

The COM.unity community centre opened two weeks ago in Westfield, Mosborough. The Golden Keys pub on the Westfield estate had recently been causing serious problems with anti social behaviour and drug dealings. Councillor David Barker said: “young people told us there was nothing to do, so after much hard work we were successful in buying the pub.”

Patrick Meleady, Positive Activities for Young People manager  at Sheffield City Council, said that they got a loan from the council for £450,000 in order to design and produce a community centre for people aged 14-25. He said: “it has been a magnificent journey; we got 20 young people from Sheffield College to help with the design of the centre.”

The gym.

The facilities that it offers includes an internet cafe, a gym, a chill out room, a kitchen, an education room, four meeting rooms and a music room. Cllr David Barker said: “this has resulted in one of the best facilities in the country being completed. A facility that will be open for all the community to use and which will hopefully really start to make a difference in the regeneration of the area.”

The centres manager, Debra said: “the centre will be fully operational by September, we have many events and activities booked such as fishing trips and pamper days. I am very lucky  and privileged to be a part of it.”

On 29th April the COM.unity centre held a party for the Royal Wedding, offering people of all ages a fun day for the community to get together. 

By Jessica Thorpe 

Fact Box

The Westfield COM.unity centre now offers a drug free den to the regeneration of the area.

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